FGF Hair Restoration
Mature Woman

Procedure time: 40-60  minutes

Recovery Time: None

Promotional New Service Price:     

                $ 250 for 1 session

$ 950 for 4 sessions

$ 1300 for 6 sessions

Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) with microneedling for hair restoration is a new technology.  FGF is one of the growth factors which are involved in the regulation of hair morphogenesis and life cycle of hair.  FGF works by inducing hair growth to enter into the anagen (growth) phase from telogen. 

Procedure is quick with microneedling of the numbed area, followed by applying the topical mixture of FGF.  Recommend 6 weekly treatments, some reports seeing results after 2 treatments, less shedding, new hair growth and thicker hair. 


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